Our legal services are geared towards equipping you with advice, practical solutions that address the issues you may face in work or business. We tailor our services to your individual needs and requirements and provide various legal options that you can adopt. 

Commercial Law


Our commercial legal team advises and provides resources for a wide range of commercial matters, from contracts, managing your creditors and debtors, to consumer contracts and trade regulations. 

Employment Law


We provide specialist employment law advice and advocacy services. Our service can be used by employers. Whether it is producing employment contracts, implementing HR policies or addressing an employment dispute you can trust us to provide a solution that is effective and efficient.  

Intellectual Property Law


Our specialist intellectual property unit enables you to gain a commercial advantage from the work you create and your brand identity. We advise and assist on all your trademark and copyright matters ranging from commercial agreements, valuations of trademarks to registration and watch services.  We also advise on the protection and capitalising of ideas and trade secrets. 

In-House Legal 


Our In-house legal service is for businesses that need ongoing legal support and resources at a fraction of the cost of using a law firm or the overhead cost of recruiting an employee. We provide in-house legal support from our pool of legal professionals in commercial and employment law in order to assist with your business operation. 

Business & Charities


We advise businesses and charities on the best legal structure to set up an organisation as well as providing all the essential legal documents required at the initial stage.  We specialise in assisting you to achieve your commercial or charitable objectives and to respond to the regulatory issues that arise. 

Legal Support Packages


We provide flexible legal packages that can be developed and adapted for your needs. Our packages include in-house legal support, legal and compliance report, employment internal procedures and dispute support and commercial contract package.