Equip Law is a commercial legal advice and advocacy business service, providing legal support, resources and advocacy in commercial, business, intellectual property and employment law. 


Equip Law began began in order to provide clients with a non-traditional approach to delivering legal services, by making our fees affordable and cost effective, simplifying the law and advising on practical and easy to adopt legal solutions that are beneficial and commercially rewarding. 


We believe that the law should equip you to address the issues that you will face in business or employment and this is reflected in the advice we give, the service we provide and the resources we prepare for you. 


We tailor our services to your individual needs and work with you to ensure you receive the legal support that is relevant for you.  

It is essential that you have confidence that the lawyer you are using knows the law, understands your needs and is focused on achieving a solution in your interests. 


At Equip Law we provide a legal service you can trust based on our expertise and our objective to ensure you are equipped with the correct legal solution required.  


We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly and client centred. This means we make ourselves available to provide immediate ongoing support as and when needed. 

We have a range of expertise on various areas of law and are available to advise on all your commercial legal issues. Contact us today to find out how we can advise and support you with your legal matter.